Welcome to the Cookie Hideout


I'm Suvi, a variety streamer and VTuber tutorial lady. Nice to meet you all~

On this site you'll find some of my VTuber apps. If you require any assistance in using them please do contact me through Discord or Twitter.



Convert iFacialMocap's protocol to VMC protocol.


1. Install iFacialMocap to your iPhone from Apple-store

2. Extract iFacialMocap2VMC protocol converter somewhere on your PC

3. Enter iPhone's IP to iFacialMocap2VMC. You can see your iPhone's IP in iFacialMocap-app.

4. Enter VMC protocol target's IP and port. Make sure the port is same as in the VMC-protocol receiving program

Connection to iPhone may sometimes take a while if the connection packet gets dropped. iFacialMocap2VMC tries reconnecting every 2 seconds.

If the app is unable to connect to your iphone make sure you've allowed UDP traffic to and from port 49983 in any firewalls.

This app is very much in its early stages and might be scrapped as soon as VSeeFace adds support for iFacialMocap.

If you need support or have bugs to report please contact me using Discord or Twitter~


Used to combine VRoid Studio's hair presets.


Tracks cursor/pen movement to 3d model through VMC-protocol.


1. Extract NyartTracker somewhere on your PC

2. Launch NyartTracker and calibrate the tracking region

3. Enter VMC-receiver's IP and port

If you need support or have bugs to report please contact me using Discord~

Tutorial Assets

Assets related to my tutorial series on YouTube.